DAISY tells the story of real life porn star Daisy Rock and her involvement within the controversial and multi-billion dollar “Adult Film Industry”. It depicts her story as she contemplates her life whilst shooting her last film in Ibiza. Her story is unadorned and authentic, without glorification or prejudice. It delivers a deep insight into her personal life as a porn star.


Described by Emily Dubberley of Cliterati as ‘The greatest film ever about the adult film industry’, the story of ‘Daisy’ is unadorned and authentic, without glorification or prejudice. From glamorous to grotesque, strange, fascinating, offensive, absurd and funny moments all at one, it is a no holds bar film.

‘There’s a depth of feeling, a realness to her, captured perfectly by the director.’
– Matthew Elliott, Managing Editor, Fiesta and Knave magazine.

‘This is an exposing film, perhaps more so than porn.’
-Little Episodes

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Director’s Notes

Out of all the films I’ve made Daisy is probably the one I’m most proud of, not because I think it’s the best film I’ve ever made, but because it was a really personal film that took me almost three years to make. ‘Porn’ was always a subject that fascinated me, I always wondered what it would be like for a porn star when they retired, what did they do next? That’s where this film started out, a basic idea, but I wasn’t sure how to go about making the film, was it a documentary I wanted to make or a feature film, I knew one thing, I needed to find my porn star.

Not really knowing where to start, I researched local porn stars, I made a list of potentials before deciding to stick an advert up on gumtree, maybe sometime could help me out and give me an in to an industry that was pretty Alien to me. It didn’t take long for me to get a response, Emily Dubberly, a popular and well known writer of all things sex suggested I contact Daisy Rock, she’d just written an article about her for The Guardian and said she’d be perfect for this project. She told me to send her a message on Facebook which I did, I explained what I wanted to do and she immediately invited me round for  coffee, I briefly thought ‘wow, that was easy’ before I realised ‘fuck, I’m going for a coffee with a porn star’. 

Within about two seconds of meeting Daisy I knew she was the girl for me. She was so easy to talk too and a real character, we talked about the industry and my previous films, I remember looking round her three storey house and think ‘Fuck, I should be directing porn films’ I even asked her about that, turns out there’s not that much money in it for the people behind the camera. What was most clear after meeting Daisy was that I didn’t want to write anything for her, she was naturally funny and really interesting, all I needed to do was stick a camera on her. I decided that I was going to make a film, I would shoot it like a feature film, there would be no talking to camera and it wouldn’t be a doc, but at the same time there would be no script, I would simply piece my film around what was said, the only direction I chose to give from the beginning was ‘Imagine this was your last film’. Daisy had no intention of retiring, my original idea had changed but it had changed into something much more exciting.

We developed the idea for nearly a year, the plan was to originally shoot in London, but then I got a phone call one day from Daisy and she said ‘How do you fancy shooting the film in Ibiza?’ two weeks later and we were on a flight with Daisy and a bunch of other porn stars. They were heading to a luxury villa in Ibiza and had given us full access to shoot our film there. I went with fellow director Christian Hearn, who was going to shoot a making of, you can see that here [INSERT LINK] I had seventeen shot ideas, which I thought if I get these I have my film.

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We were there for a total of five days. It was intense, I was used to shooting fast but it’s different when you have no idea what’s going to happen from one moment to the next, it’s also different when the whole time you’re thinking ‘I’m gonna be shooting real sex soon’. That moment came the second to last night of shooting, I remember thinking ‘This is it’ when they all started playing strip poker and their camera rolled. Clothes came off and cream came out, I’m not gonna lie, it was hot, but only for about five minutes, after that I was like ‘Whatever you do just get your shots, you can’t ask them to do it again’. So that’s what I did, for about an hour I filmed all sorts of stuff, only about ninety seconds of what I filmed made it into the film, I wasn’t making a porn but it was important to show it as that’s what they do. I remember after I wrapped they continued fucking for another four hours. I stayed over that night because at 6 in the morning I needed to get a shot with Daisy outside the villa. After that I slowly walked home, I remember thinking this might just be the strangest film I’ve ever made but fuck, it’s pretty cool.

Nearly a year later we premièred the film to over 300 people. The film received some amazing reviews, Emily said it was the greatest film ever made about the adult film industry. There’s no denying that it’s a Marmite film, for everyone who loves it, someone absolutely despises it. The worst thing for a director to hear about his film is someone saying ‘it was okay’. I don’t ever want to make okay films.

We released the film online and it did quite well, so well in fact that a few years later we decided to shoot a sequel. We shot Daisy 2 in Berlin last year and the film is due for release in 2015. I’ll be honest I didn’t think my potential trilogy would be about a porn star, but you know what, I wouldn’t have it any other way, roll on Daisy 2 in Berlin!!!’