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caught (post production)

april pearson, cian barry, mickey sumner and ruben crow.

The film tells the story of a journalist couple who invite a man and woman into their idyllic village home, but what begins with an informal interview descends into a nightmarish fight for survival.


fractured (post production)


When a tyre blows on the way to a romantic countryside getaway, Rebecca and Michael sense someone is watching. The only people they encountered along the way were friendly strangers Freyr and Alva who gave them a lift. But their holiday home becomes a terrifying prison as they are tortured by something or someone outside.


winners (post production)

emil marwa, ruben crow and zannah hodson.

A hard-nosed saleswoman at an American investment bank fights to save her career as a highly unusual late-night job interview turns into a test of nerves between her increasingly desperate boss and the strangely confident interviewee. At stake are enormous sums of money, careers and ultimately lives, as secrets are revealed and a daring revenge plot is enacted.


w.a.r.s (post production)

april jordan metcalfe, joss porter, april pearson, ruben crow, louisa lytton, zannah hodson and george webster.

In what remains of the world there is no war, no crime, no disease, no poverty, no religion. There is also no choice and there is no freedom. We are controlled by one, all powerful corporation and its giant artificial Intelligence brain that tracks, monitors and judges us 24-7.


rock and roll heart (post production)

Stephen moyer and lucy griffiths (attached).

A middle-aged businessman is mistaken by a young punk musician for the guitar player in her favourite 80s band. As an unlikely friendship develops he must decide whether to continue the lie or come clean with her.