Jump Start Productions was established in 2009 to make innovative independent feature films that promote the essence of their origins in the city of Brighton as well as introducing young and emerging talent. Our repertoire has grown to include a number of award winning films and continues to test the boundaries of indie filmmaking.

With a group of young and talented filmmakers at its forefront, Jump Start Productions has big ambitions all within its reach.  To date we have made 6 feature films and are in development on a number of others.  Our latest feature film has to date won 6 international awards and is currently in discussion with a number of sales agents for worldwide sales.

We strive to find emerging talented filmmakers and artists to work with and encourage you to contact us should you wish to get involved.

Go off and write a feature, with limited characters and locations that you can shoot on one camera in a weekend or two.
— Jamie Patterson, Co-owner Jump Start Productions

What We've Achieved